Vendemore Url Shortener

Vendemore's Url Shortener helps you create prettier, shorter urls that you can manage, analyse and use to create your network of clickers that you can target in your campaigns with Vendemore Rubberband.

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How It Works ?

Organize your urls

How many urls have you shared on your social media during last year? Where are they? Can you find them? How many people have clicked on every of them? Which were the best ones? What companies are your clickers working at? Vendemore's Url Shortener helps you keep track on all this.

Analyze your urls

How many people have clicked on my short links? How many times? What companies are they working at? Which of my published articles are most popular right now? Using our short link analytics tool you can get answers on all these questions by analyzing share of your links.

Empower your urls

So many companies invest a great deal of money and resources to get their first contact with a prospective client. They all result in your potential client visiting your website to find out more. Then they leave. With Vendemore's Rubberband on your short urls you can remind them about you, as they surf our network of over 1 million websites.

Easily create and manage your short urls

Keep all your links you share in one place

  • Group your links into different short url groups.
  • Share your links directly from application.
  • Tag your links with different tags so you can analyse clicks from new angles.
  • See analytics data for every short url.

Powerful analytics on your links

Analyze which of your links are most popular, as well as what companies are your clickers working at

  • Measure clicks and uniques on every short url
  • Graphs showing how popular your links are through time
  • Integration with other Vendemore products to show joint analytics


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This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about Vendemore's Url Shortener, or if you need support, please contact us by email.

What is Url Shortening?

URL shortening is a web technique in which one can create and share substantially shorter url from the original long one and still direct it to the required page. This is achieved by using a redirect on a shorter domain name with unique short path, which links to the web page that has a long URL.

Is safe to use Vendemore Url Shortener?

It is perfectly safe to use Vendemore Url Shortener as the only thing we do is to place a cookie on the click and redirect user to the url you specified.

Why use Vendemore Url Shortener?

Beside basic functionality (to create, manage and share) short urls, we provide you information about clicks on your urls, such as what companies are your clickers working at. We can even provide possibility to use clicks on your short urls to target your online marketing campaigns.

How long does one short url live?

We will never delete your short urls (unless you want us to do so) so your shared short will never expire.